Video Production for Corporations & Small Business

Videos get your message across to customers, employees, and the public at large. We offer flexible scheduling, including evenings and weekends. A variety of professional cameras, microphones, and lighting are available to meet your needs and budget. We offer customized Final Cut Pro editing, with graphics, titles, and music. Your video will be available in your choice of formats: DVD, CD, web (all file formats including Flash), or videotape. Cost depends upon production and editing. Contact us for a price quote.

We can meet a variety of business needs, including:


Employee Training/Recruitment

Enhance employee productivity with video-based training. Whether a single hour, day-long or multi-session training program is planned, videotaping provides a cost-effective means of extending the scope and effectiveness of live training. Or, put your best foot forward to attract new employees, by sharing your company's philosophy, mission and methods.


You may convene these sessions for a variety of reasons: conveying information within the company, brainstorming new ideas, or publicizing your products or efforts to the public. By capturing these events on video, you can: 
  • record focus groups for invaluable customer feedback; 
  • produce a project highlight video for your investors & board of directors;
  • transform internal meetings or seminars into new profit centers by selling DVDs of them as educational tools;
  • extend the reach of your program to a larger employee base.


We can help you put your ideas into motion literally! Short video presentations are invaluable for marketing new products or ideas. Product demonstrations educate new customers and personal testimonials allow the viewer to identify with the on-screen personality. Video presentations can communicate to potential customers or clients alongside your printed materials.

Video News and Press Releases

A concise, well-produced video news release which accompanies your written press materials adds to the impact in a variety of media markets. Our video press releases have appeared on major network news broadcasts.

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